To qwell boredom

I have decided to create a list of things I want for Christmas but may never get.

1. G5 Tower Computer (HA! Unlikely!)

2. 40GB iPod (Must save save save. Meantime, will use damaged iPod)

3. "With the Lights Out" Nirvana Boxed Set

4. Poetry Books (Lots and lots and lots)

5. An Xbox or a Playstation2 (Verboten. I will become a crusty, baggy-eyed couch potato if I get one of these. Still doesn't mean I can't WANT one though)

6. Brown shoes (I really don't own any nice ones. All my shoes are black)

7. A nice polar fleece

8. A photographic memory (Working on this currently. Will have the results after lead into gold project is completed)

9. A trip to Europe (May actually manage this one for the summer)

10. All my bills to be paid (The gift that keeps on giving, friends)

Oliver de la Paz