Post 4th, Rainfall, Underworld

Well, Joseph Legaspi came and went. I hope he had a genuinely good time. There's not really a whole lot of stuff to do in my neck of the woods. His plan was to get out of New York City and certainly he achieved that goal when he came to visit. We talked poetry and Kundiman business. The Asian American Writers' Retreat is looking to be a wonderful event. Hopefully it won't be to muggy/hot in Virginia.

Last night it rained. I don't know if that dampened the spirits of the July 4th party-goers. We were too far out of range to see any fireworks from Meredith's deck in Remsen. Instead, Joseph and I watched the Radiohead DVD, "Meeting People is Easy". I made a quiche to dispose of some left-over veggies and some extra eggs. Unfortunately I used a graham cracker pie crust for the quiche, so it tasted strange. I should've skipped the crust. At least the quiche was good with Tabasco sauce.

After the quiche debacle, I plopped in "Underworld", my latest Netflix adventure. It's a truly awful film. I fell asleep right in the middle after several moans and groans about the bad acting. There better not be a sequel.

Oliver de la Paz