Here it comes again . . .

Yes, it's time for the start of the Fall semester once again. Meredith and I just got back from Oregon this weekend and already I've got a ton of work to do. As soon as we got back, we called Morocco. While I was over there in May, I purchased a Moroccan area rug. It's a gorgeous thing . . . you can flip it over and it'll have a different design. Anyway, with the move and all, it's been a headache coordinating everything. The bottom line is that I paid a lot of money for something that is not in my possession at the moment. The rug dealer reassured Meredith (she's the fluent French speaker) that the rug will be at our place by the end of the month. So cross your fingers.

By the way, have you guys seen Napoleon Dynamite? YOU MUST. That is all.

Oliver de la Paz