School days, school days.

I'm still not ready to start the semester. I've got my course materials ready and all that, but I'm not emotionally prepared to hop into the classroom just yet. If only there was another month of summer. What I really should be doing is trying to write, you know? Instead, I've been sucked in to watching the Olympics. I've actually been watching it on Canadian television. They broadcasters on that network had a very interesting perspective on the US Men's basketball team. During the win, one of the commentators suggested lamented a lot of the antics by the Americans on the court. Certainly, it's a perception that's following US citizens in other facets of international interactions.

Anyway, got my contributor copies of North American Review. Barbara Jane's got a poem it. It's VERY cool.

I'll probably go see Supersize Me with Mere tonight. Though what I really want to see is Hero, with Jet Li.

Oliver de la Paz