Saturday, Saturday

It's the last official day of the Kundiman retreat after a great many successes and a nice heap of stress. Here's a summary of some interesting things that happened during the retreat so far:

1. Marilyn Chin referring to Joseph's physique and couture as being "pornstar-like".

2. Seventeen fellows, three staff members, and four faculty members getting lost in a caravan through the streets of Charlottesville.

3. Gabbing until 3AM with David Mura over some Maker's while snacking on rice crackers and goldfish.

4. A gala reading with the editor of the new Norton Anthology of American Poetry in the house.

5. Mystery meals at the UVA dining hall . . . and then going up for seconds.

6. Several fellows falling in love with Jon Pineda, the patron poet of Margaret.

7. Bushra gushing about the Athletic Center's hot tub.

8. Chi's seven-year-old daughter's obsession with kitties and bunnies.

9. Ishle singing like a goddess.

10. Renee getting hit-on by a bar patron on her birthday.

11. Late night gossip sessions outside of Newcomb Hall after the gala.

12. Bizarre cheerleading drinking games at the Jabberwocky.

13. Getting lost on the way to Cabell Hall.

14. Cardinals.

15. Learning that Margaret at one time was a go-go dancer at a gay men's bar.

16. Rick Barot's Gray Goose and Tonic.

17. Copy card craziness.

18. Sarah's fun and glittery T-shirts.

19. Grande Marinier in the dorm rooms at midnight.

20. Junno bearing a striking resemblance to an Asian James Dean.

21. "Hey Kid/Listen to your uncle."


23. Jon Pineda and Ron Villanueva jamming in my dorm room.

24. Impromptu poems at the Biltmore Grill.

25. David Mura thinking Sarah was cutting Joseph's steak for him.

26. 3AM sing alongs at the picnic table.

27. Group massage!

28. Ching-In's strange obsession with Rick Barot . . .

29. Rick Barot's triangles . . . schemes of making triangle T-shirts.

30. The Babe's of Asian American Poetry calendar idea.

31. My new identity as Papa de la Paz.

32. Stephen's pepper-spray narrative.

33. Again, Stephen . . . first on the list for the cafeteria.

34. Marilyn referring to all the male fellows as dudes.

35. Kenneth.

36. Hyper-air-conditioned dorm rooms.

37. Co-ed bathrooms between Gildersleeve and McGuffy.

38. "Keep your gold"

39. Four-hour workshops with Rick Barot.

40. Six-hour workshops with Ishle Yi Park!

41. The game of "Find Marilyn Chin" for mentorship Saturday.

42. US Air losing David Mura's luggage.

43. Marilyn's flight delayed until 3AM on the first night.

44. Ngoc Luu's poem at the gala.

45. Purvi . . . how she couldn't stop laughing at Stephen's Haiku.

46. Bushra and her campus map.

47. Hyoejin's sweet vehicle.

48. E-3.

49. Key-swapping . . . it's not what you think, right Sarah?

50. Talking constantly about Harold and Kumar going to White Castle.

Oliver de la Paz