Wireless and my multitasking ways

I bought an Airport Express with Airtunes recently because I'm a nerd. I have to say that this thing's incredible and I'm hooked on wireless. Yesterday evening, I commented on poems, had the television on, and read blogs all at the same time. My cable modem's on the other end of the house, so it was a great thrill to be connected to the internet. Will this gadget help my poetry? Definitely not, but it'll allow me to listen to Bjork's Medulla on itunes while I play with the dog in the living room. :-D

Speaking of Bjork, Meredith and I listened to her while we played LIFE. It was all very eerie with Bjork's gutteral chants and resonant choral melodies reverberating through the apartment while I pushed my tiny representation of myself through the twisted maze of the board. I ended up a millionaire, having won a Pulitzer, a Nobel, and being the discoverer of the cure for the common cold. Sadly, in my real life I have not been feted, honored, or even paid. And if I had in fact, found the cure for the common cold, I wouldn't be suffering from it now.

Oliver de la Paz