When procrastination is a good thing . . .

I spent the morning playing video games and watching football pre-game shows. How cool is that? Meanwhile, on my desk there are 35 composition essays that need to be graded. (For those of you who don't know, in addition to teaching creative writing courses, I teach two composition courses as well. That's right. I'm in the trenches.) They'll need to get done soon because this week, I'm bringing Sally Keith down from Rochester for a reading at Utica. So there's a lot of micromanaging that needs doing.

I watched part of the Eagles/Lions game and then Meredith and I decided to go up to Old Forge, NY, with Jake. It was gorgeous. As soon as I get my digital camera connected, I'll post some pictures. The leaves are changing color. It's about 1/2 peak right now, so there's still some green around, but the reds, yellow, and oranges are starting to take over.

When I got back, I called Evelina Galang. No answer on both her phones. I hope she's okay, what with Hurricane Jeanne and all. Nick Carbo and Denise Duhamel are down in Hollywood, FL, and that's pretty close to Miami. Papatya Bucak's also down there. . . so I'm worried. Lots of love heading down that way.

Oliver de la Paz