A dog loose in the neighborhood

I walked Jake this morning, before school, and a stray dog followed us home. It was a funny-looking dog. She had the coloring of a German Shepherd, but she had a patch of white under her chest and really floppy ears. She'd jump from snow bank to snow bank while Jake whimpered. I wanted to bring her in because it was cold.

This morning wasn't the first time I had seen her. She's a bit of a ghost in our neighborhood, prowling around at night, tipping over garbage cans and tearing up the trash bags left out for collection on Wednesday. It was the aftermath of a garbage night so that's probably why she was around the neighborhood this morning.

I let her get a whiff of Jake and vice versa. She was really skittish. She'd come up, paw Jake on the neck, and then recoil as soon as Jake would make a move or as soon as I said something.

I was running late from all the commotion, so I had to drag my reluctant dog into the house. The stray just stood outside our door, watching us go up the stairs. Maybe she'll come around this afternoon.

Oliver de la Paz