Loves . . . in the spirit of Saint Valentine's day.

1. Early morning coffee on a sunny day with the newspaper across my lap.

2. Finishing all my work before the weekend approaches.

3. Pressing "Print" after finishing a poem (thank you Aimee).

4. The clunk of the mailman's shoes on my front porch.

5. A bag of popcorn, no butter, at the movie theater.

6. Cooking a meal and having people go for second and third helpings.

7. Rain gutters with flowing water on the roadside.

8. The smell of new books and peeling off price tags from those new books.

9. Being able to run one more mile without being tired.

10. The last traces of snow in Upstate New York.

11. Video games.

12. Hotel towels and free chocolates.

13. Lying on a clean floor reading magazines for hours while listening to the radio.

14. Finishing the last of a batch of papers for grading.

Oliver de la Paz