Moving soon.

Don't know if y'all know this, but I'm going to be headed out West, soon. Figured I'd make it an official announcement. Yes, it's true. I'm moving to Washington (state). So any of you West-Coasties want to hang out, give me a shout!

Moving sucks, in general. I hate moving. I think, in my adult life, I've moved a total of eight times. All of them were painful moves. I hate looking for a new place to live. I hate packing. I hate gathering up enough newspapers and magazines to use for packaging materials. I hate unpacking. I hate connecting up utilities. I hate driving with all my stuff and worrying about what condition they'll be in once I reach my destination.

When I moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania, I rented a Ryder truck. I towed my own truck on the back of this thing. On top of that, my dad and Rosie, the wonder pug (RIP) rode in the front with me. The truck had no cassette deck and a broken radio.

Anyway, I think I'm getting enough money to hire movers. Praise movers. Praise them.

Oliver de la Paz