Post AWP Notes

1. Lost luggage on return trip. Currently up waiting for the delivery person to ring my doorbell.

2. Still sick. Was sick Wednesday, got worse Thursday, got better Friday, got worse Saturday, much better today. Still sick, though.

3. Blogroll: Paul Guest, Aimee Nezhukumatathil (spell her full name program people), C. Dale Young, C.R. Jensen, Jennifer Thornton, Nick Carbo, Eileen Tabios, David Hernandez, Janet Holmes, Victoria Chang.

4. Rain.

5. Crepes are good for dinner.

6. More people reading from papers than I ever remember at AWP. I hope it's not a new trend.

7. Book fair drive-bys done: 22

8. Books purchased: 15

9. Journals obtained: 1 (It was free, and don't give me grief. I subscribe to a bunch)

10. Virgil Suarez had another of his famous random parties. I'm not sure if the cops came this time.

11. Alcoholic beverages consumed: 3 beers (HA HA HA C.DALE! Missed me!)

12. Cool people to chat with: lost count by Thursday.

13. Tired. Very tired.

Oliver de la Paz