Kundiman Day 2 1/4

Last night, after the circle/salon reading (which was amazing, by the way) Patrick, Patrick's buddy Jon Wei, Ron V., and myself went looking for tennis courts. I swear I had passed them on my way to the dorms. Alas, my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I lead us straight to a lighted parking lot that had police tape draped from one lamp post to another (it looked like a lighted court with a tennis-net to me). So we ended up walking back towards the dorms to the lighted basketball court where I shot poorly. It started to rain while we were out there and we were more or less talking about what sports we were involved in during our youth. I think I was the only wrestler.

After we wrapped up on the basketball courts, we headed out to The Jabberwocky, a local college watering hole where other Kundiman folks were gathered. Patrick bought a bunch of folks some shots. Everyone was talking poetry. At this point it's close to 1:30AM, so I headed on back to the dorms.

Apparently folks were up until 3AM singing Bob Marley tunes. Again it was tough getting up this morning. Thankfully, Jon Pineda's leading the Spark Writing sessions today.

Stay tuned, more coming.

P.S. I guess you'll have to wait on Kundiman pictures until I get back. I stupidly brought the wrong adapter. Sorry!

Oliver de la Paz