Lots of stuff goin' on

First off, I'm in the midst of packing all my books. For those of you who know me and have been to my various abodes over the years, you know that I have a lot of books. In the den, between Meredith and I, we've got four large 5-shelf bookcases plus another longer 3-shelf book case. I've also got 5 folding book cases in the office. All of these book cases are filled with books, some of which are stacked flat on their backs for more space. So far I've filled 27 file-boxes and I haven't even started on the office. A mover was here in mid-June. He took one look at all the books and said, "Well, there's your weight." Not a good thing, since they charge by the pound on these moving trucks. Luckily, I can get rid of a lot of my rhetoric and composition books, since I won't be teaching rhet-comp at Western Washington.

Also, Meredith and I settled on some movers after going through a lot of hoops in terms of scheduling site visits, negotiating prices, accounting for reimbursement with our various institutions, etc..

Finally, we found a rental house! It'll be in Lake Stevens. That's further south than I'd like to be, but it'll definitely be better for Meredith who has to commute every day. Moving day's only three weeks away!

Oliver de la Paz