I want to cry . . .

I stood in my front yard with a newly purchased chainsaw and surveyed the damage. There are far too many trees we lost in the wind storm. All told, I found 14 fallen pines on our property. They've also fallen in bad spots . . . over the trails we spent weeks trimming back. I started pruning back some tree limbs, but after awhile I realized I didn't have the time nor the strength to clear back as much as I want. It's only been three weeks since my surgery, so I figured I had better not push it. Maybe I'll have a little more strength during the Thanksgiving vacation.

Driving to Bellingham today, a couple of the side roads had road closure signs. I also saw a big tree leaning over highway 542.


Albert Goldbarth is reading at WWU tonight.


Ski season starts today for Mt. Baker. I expect our road will get very crowded soon.

Oliver de la Paz