The Word on the Street

. . . is that my second book got picked up. I found out about its acceptance in September, but I didn't have anything to show for it. I've been mum about it until the contract rolled in, but it was SO hard keeping it a secret. I received the contract this morning and I fully intend to sign the contract, of course.

The title of the book is Furious Lullaby, and it's slated for release in Fall 07 with the Crab Orchard Poetry Series run by Southern Illinois University Press.

All I can say is, finally and thank god. I've been working on the book since 1998. It's an uplifting feeling, to be out from under the weight of that manuscript. After the copy editing, I'll feel like I can fully devote my time to this new collection of pieces I started on this summer.

Oliver de la Paz