Painting in Progress

I've been painting for roughly seven days now. My back's killing me. I think I've got sciatica. Sometimes my feet are numb, like they're asleep. I've pretty much been on my feet during all this.

We decided that our kitchen was far too dark. The previous owner had a fondness for yellow . . . only, in the kitchen, it with yellowish tile, the yellow on the walls looked sickly. So, we repainted the walls with a high gloss white called "Anthem White." We also had to take down all the cabinet doors. They had this sickly yellowish cream formica on them. Meredith and I peeled off all the formica which left behind a sticky film of glue on each oof the cabinet doors. I ruined four doors trying to pry the formica coverings off, so I basically had to make four new cabinet doors (yay circular saw and sander). Meredith and I then spent a whole afternoon wiping the cabinet fronts down with a solvent to remove the adhesives. I then had to wash off the cabinet doors and sand each one with a hand sander. We then primed and painted the doors. It took us five coats of high-gloss paint to get those suckers the shade of white we wanted. I think my first mistake was buying the discount primer ($19.00 vs. $79.00). Basically, touching up the kitchen took three days.

Now we're on the den. I'm not sure if you've seen the earlier photos on this blog, but refer to the fireplace pictures. The den's a little dark because the whole room's got this dated wood panelling. Meredith and I have spent the past two days priming the panelling. This time, we bought a better primer. Anyway, I predict the den will look much more open. In its former state, it was much to dark and enclosed. I'll post pictures when I can.

Also, sorry I've not been great with the e-mails or with blogging. Again, we're on dial-up here and since I've been in work mode, it's been difficult to get online. I'll be heading for Atlanta to visit Meredith's folks in a couple of weeks. I should be able to post a few more times on the blog before I split, but until then, ciao!

Oliver de la Paz