So far in my abcedarian jottings . . .

I've got Abaca, Aswang, Balisong, Balita, Kabila, Kutsilyo, and Kuya . . .

Aside from having the poems linked alphabetically in Tagalog, I don't have any narrative threads fleshed out. They're still very raw, which is okay. It's sort of hard coming back to the writing desk after a bit of a hiatus.

In other news, Meredith and I will be hitting the road. We're heading to HOTlanta to visit her folks. While we're there, hopefully we'll bump into her sis. Maybe I can get her to make me a belt buckle to go with my cowboy boots.

I've got a few things I want to check out while I'm in Atlanta. Last time I was there, I had some food from The Varsity. Yum yum! Intestinal grenades are tasty.

We also saw the World of Coca-Cola and Underground Atlanta. I never did get to sample the Coca-Cola flavors . . . maybe I'll do that this time.

Anyway, if anyone's in the ATL, give me a holler! I'll be checking e-mails etc. while I'm on the road.

Oliver de la Paz