Pen in hand

My copy-edited manuscript came in the mail today. Now I've got to go over the copy-edit marks. Wow. It's really happening. Just quickly scanning the thing, I'm seeing several "oh gosh, I did that?" errors. How embarassing.


My knee hurts, but I'm off the diet from hell and I can start taking my medicine again. I should be back to my "normal" self in no time. One of the first things I did to celebrate--I ate pizza and ice cream.

There are some noticeable changes to my physical being. I can't tolerate the cold, though before I'd overheat rather easily. I'm tired by 9PM, though I'm used to going to bed at midnight. I can't wake up as easily, though I'm used to getting up at around 6AM.


The root ball is gone! Neighbors rock. One of our neighbors knew a guy who had a big-ass excavator. They worked on the tree and the root ball when I was at work. Now it's nice and flat! Yay!