Set List

So as I mentioned earlier, the very first reading from Furious Lullaby will be tonight. I'm contending with a weird issue at the moment. . .

If one is promoting a new book, is it bad to read new stuff not in the book?

And if it's not a good time, when is a good time to "move on" so to speak?

Anyway, books are often anachronisms, and I wonder if a more accurate display of time as it pertains to a writing life would be to read from a range of projects (yes, I'm trying to justify reading new work).


Suddenly obsessed with football. The Seahawks are faring miserably and have, perhaps, exceeded their shelf-life as a viable contender. It's sad, too, because my favorite workhorse player, Mack Strong, had a spinal cord injury (I heard he broke his neck) last week and had to retire.

Such a violent sport.


Meredith and I purchased a new front loading washer and dryer set this weekend to celebrate our second anniversary. It only gets better from here. ;-) XOXO

Oliver de la Paz