Just when I thought . . .

. . . it was safe to relax, life got very busy again. Students are registering for classes and as the advisor they have to come to me for "advice," so it's been a deluge.

And it's really raining. Winds knocked out the power just enough so that my clock was flashing this morning. (Maybe I need to go back to a wind-up?) Luckily I'm a very light sleeper. Managed to wake up before the alarm was scheduled to go off. I frequently wake up before my alarm clock. Today was one of those days when I'm happy for that genetic trait. Thanks mom.


Many crazy things are happening these days. I must get approval before I can post about them. It's good news--I just have to run it by the appropriate channels.


Got my tickets for my flight to NY at the end of January. I've got two winter flights this coming year. I was driving around Ai (yes, that Ai) in my car and she had been complaining about how much the reading circuit wiped her out. I was a grad student then, so I was thinking silently to myself that it was such a luxury to be getting paid to do readings and how much work could it possibly be? Oh boy. It's work. It's good work, of course. Quite enjoyable to be travelling and often getting paid to do what you love . . . but it's work.


Jake has gotten into some awful stuff. I don't want to know what.

Oliver de la Paz