I made an oopsie today. A clerical error, to be precise. It seems Furious Lullaby has moved along quite nicely in a particular contest held by a particular press and I neglected to inform them of the manuscript's latest status. I received a notification about this happening and I turned beet red upon hearing the news.

I'm very embarassed by the whole thing and I profusely apologized to the press. I'm usually quite good about things of this nature, but somehow this one slipped by me.

I hope they don't hold it against me in the future. They're a great press publishing poets whom I admire.


Many job candidates have come and are coming by campus. They're all so good and all so hireable. I've been so preoccupied with these searches . . . clocking in longer hours on campus than normal.

We've got two searches running, and let me tell you, there are so many talented scholars out there these days. I'm so very glad I'm not in the job search this year. More power to my friends who are on the hunt.


Super Bowl prediction: the Bears and the Colts will score an equal number of points by half time, prompting Prince to perform an extra hour and a half, thus allowing Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman to collaborate on a razor blade endorsement for Mach 6 Razor Blades--the most advanced shaving system consisting of six blades for the closest shave ever, after which several consumers of the new razor will cut arteries and die from severe blood loss.