The Bathroom Renovation: How Oliver de la Paz Became a Master Electrician

That's right. I've decided to stop writing poetry so that I can pursue my bond, license, and certification as a master electrician. Why? Because I rewired my bathroom all by myself and established my awesomeness.

First, I crawled around in the attic and moved the wiring from a flourescent box over to a wall. Then, I moved an electrical outlet from one wall to another wall. I upgraded and installed a new box for two light switches and the newly moved outlet. I also installed a new box for an over-the-vanity light (where the wiring for old flourescent light box went). Nothing blew up. The light swiitches work. The outlet works and is grounded. I rock.


The poet Truong Tran will be reading at Western Washhington University on Thursday. I've met Truong on a number of occasions, but we've never had a chance to talk. Maybe this time I'll be able to chat with him.


I'll be heading over to Whitworth College to give a reading. If you're in Spokane, WA, do come over and say hello.