AWP Aftermath

Whew. The folks who left Friday had the right idea. While I love attending AWP and seeing old friends, making new friends, and being surrounded by lovers of words, I get burned out rather quickly.

Overall, I had a great time. I saw lots of bloggers (Paul Guest, you are everywhere. Mary Biddinger, you're as cute as bunny slippers. C. Dale Young, I want a Green Lantern T-shirt now).

I spent most of the time semi-trapped by the book fair, mostly because they structured the damn thing like a medieval city. I kept having to circle to find the things I wanted. The bookfair was also extremely hot. I think the AC wasn't working. At one point, the air smelled like something was burning.

I didn't attend a lot of panels this year. I either had a table time conflict with a panel or I had to meet someone for coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I'll write more soon, but for now, if I didn't say goodbye to you last night, sorry. I went to bed very very early.

Oliver de la PazAWP