Spring n' all

With the warmer weather, I've been spending much more time outdoors. There's a saying up here: if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. So, I've been taking my "5 minutes."

This weekend, I managed to de-limb some downed trees with my chainsaw. It wasn't fun with all the heat and a tempermental machine, but I got it done.

I did, however, get some nice sun and a bit of a tan.


The chimney swifts are back. We've blocked their entry into the chimney with chicken wire and some chimney caps. It got a little old, finding swifts trapped in the walls of the house. We had hoped they'd find another place to nest, but alas. This time, they've found a place to nest inside the house through a heat vent. I sat on a lawn chair and watched them dive-bomb another group of swifts vying for the same spot.


The deadline for my corrected galleys is fast approaching. I better get a move on!


Rumor: Battlestar Galactica will only last for one more season and will end in 2008. "Eddie" Olmos and Katie Sackhoff have said that the show's too expensive for such a slim viewership (this is all according to G4TV). We'll see. I actually don't mind if they end the show in 2008. I mean, there's only so much you can do for a political space thriller, right?

Ah, that many-tongued rumor! There's also this: Rumor!

Oliver de la Paz