Yay Summer!

Summer is finally here for me. The quarter is finished (I just have one more class worth of portfolios to pick up). It was a good academic year, though it was quite a bit of work for me. I was a committee of one for the reading series. I had to chase down all the extra money for our terribly funded budget, and when you're the new guy, that's not easy.

Teaching-wise, it was good. I'm getting used to the quarter system and its rhythm. I still don't like it, but I'll be singing its praises when September rolls around and I won't have to go back to work until the end of the month.


Summer Plans:

1. Taking up where I left off on the third manuscript

2. Teaching a summer class

3. Working at the Kundiman retreat

4. Landscaping

5. Watching crappy movies

6. Exploring the area a bit more


My mother-in-law arrives today from Atlanta. . .


Meredith and I saw back to back movies in the past two days. We saw Ocean's Thirteen which was good, and Knocked Up which was also good. The popcorn was very good.


The raspberries are almost ripe. They're everywhere . . . I've got to cut back several bushes, otherwise, the whole property will get swallowed up. If only they were blueberry bushes.


We're having a Rufous Hummingbird turf war over our feeders. It sounds like a dozen Jedi Knights doing cartwheels . . .

Oliver de la Paz