More notes from the Kundiman front line

*The faculty reading was last night and the fellows read some fabulous stuff.

*Sleep deprivation's setting in. Lots of weary but happy poets around here.

*Margaret HATES iambic pentameter . . .

*The food from the cafeteria's been pretty bad. This is a new development, but I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

*Mosquitos! Mosquitos!

*Weather's been milder than past retreats, which is good. I can actually wear pants.

*More nicknames: Joseph=Anchored Angel. Sarah=Cherry Pie. Jen=8675. Me=N.W. Pat=Light Mac n' Cheese

*Soham sang about boogers last night.

*Lune-off, aka Lune-off Idol last night in the staff room bar. Kundiman=Rated R.

*Tucker Computer Lab was busy at 2AM

*Why the hell was I awake at 2AM?

*Jon Pineda arrives today.

*More to come . . .

Oliver de la Paz