It Most Certainly is Fall

It's gotten cold. The evenings have been dipping into the 40's. We started a fire in the fireplace last night to keep us warm, but we ended up having to turn on the thermostat. I've been wandering around wearing layers of clothes.

I must say, from a wardrobe perspective, Fall's my favorite season. You're covered, but you're not immobilized AND you can wear accessories like scarves. I love scarves.


With Fall comes the new school year. The buses have started up and I see kids lining the streets waiting for them. One kid's always wearing baggy basketball shorts and short sleeve shirts. Now, I know he can afford more clothes because I've seen him at my gym with his family who's more appropriately dressed for a wider range of circumstances. I guess it'shis "Comfort" phase. But it's not that comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it starts raining. I mean, seriously, he wears the same outfit in horrendous weather conditions. It's one thing to like a favorite pair of jeans and wear them more than once a week, but seriously . . .


Fall soundtracks from the past:

Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now"
The Sundays "Here's Where the Story Ends"
Depeche Mode "Strange Love"
Big Audio Dynamite "The Globe"
New Order "Leave Me Alone"
Siouxsie and the Banshees "Peekaboo"
Echo and the Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar"
O.M.D. "Walking on Air"
Sugar "The Act We Act"
Psychedelic Furs "All That Money Wants"


Current Fall soundtrack:

LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk is Playing at My House"
Feist "Mushaboom"
Midlake "Young Bride"
Tom Waits "Dog Door"
Beth Orton "She Cries Your Name"
The Roots "Dynamite!"
Death Cab for Cutie "The New Year"
Bobby Bland "Two Steps From The Blues"
Neko Case "Maybe Sparrow"
Ryan Adams "Magnolia Mountain"

Oliver de la Paz