So here's the deal . . . (or why Oliver's so busy).

I've been remodeling a lot of rooms in our house, which should've been your first clue.

One particular room, which I haven't photographed yet, has aqua furniture, a rocking horse, and lots and lots of children's books with a changing table in the closet.

Yes, Oliver's going to be a dad some time in March. Meredith bought a whole bunch of diapers a few weeks ago which intensified my worry. It's all good, though. I'm excited.

I haven't been posting much about it because it's a personal thing for me. I suppose I've been coming to terms with the idea of fatherhood and I haven't had anything profound to say. In the presence of profound moments, there's really nothing else that I can say that'll magnify the moment's profundity. Our lives are going to change. Change is good.

I also haven't been writing, which is okay. But I've been thinking about writing and the way I've been thinking about it has changed quite drastically. I'm not able to articulate that quality of my thinking just yet, but I can feel it.

We're taking a class and we're bored out of our minds. I suppose that's because both of us have a parent who's a physician. I'm pretty pragmatic. Meredith's got a whole bunch of books. We pretty much know the material presented to us in class already, so it makes for an excruciating two hours.

Things are humming in our house. Preparations are being made, etc.. So that's why I've been sporadic with my blog postings.

Enough about me, though. How are you?

Oliver de la Paz