I've been a busy bee

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Yes, that's L's Halloween costume, sans the feet from his pjs.


I mentioned that I was down in San Francisco for a wedding. It was a gorgeous affair. So many couples were getting married that day and shouts of joy echoed through the halls. Later, we partied. There was much to eat and drink.

For L's aunties who we love, Vote No on Proposition 8


I'm reading 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die. I'm a sucker for big lists. What I like about this particular book is that in addition to the selected recording, Tom Moon also offers additional catalogue selections and then other artists who you might be interested in.

I've heard a lot of the rock/electronica/hip-hop/ and jazz collections. I'm really awful with the classical, country, and world music collections. Guess I'm not as well-rounded as I thought I was.


Teaching forms to undergrads isn't so bad . . . it's the workshopping that's difficult.

Oliver de la Paz