Daddy's Glee (or There Must Be Indie Hipsters on the Sesame Street Staff)

Tilly & the Wall on SESAME STREET from Team Love on Vimeo.

Saw this Tilly and the Wall bit. They're a funky little band. All their percussion's done by the tap dancers you see in the video. At first, I thought it was a gimmick and that it'd die quickly, but they're actually still around after a couple of years.


Mixed day on the writing front. On the one hand, I've been getting handed rejections left and right. On the other, I did get a mini-grant from the school so that I can at least write this summer.

I'm very close to finishing up my third manuscript. All I need is two weeks. Just two weeks. Maybe Christmas break will be productive.


I'm mightily tired these days. It gets dark at 4PM here. I need a vacation.

Luckily Thanksgiving is around the corner. I was hoping that I wouldn't be traveling, but it looks like we've been summoned to go to my parents house in Oregon. It'll be my last Thanksgiving in the house where I grew up. My folks are moving closer to the grandchild very shortly. They're closing on a house. I'll be grateful when they get here because Mere and I do need the help. It's tough work raising a kid in a household of professionals. Don't get me wrong. I love the little guy. We both do. We just need an hour here and there for our careers which allow us to take care of the little guy.

I can't wait for free babysitting. So I suppose the travel to Oregon will be worth it. I'll take a few last photos of the place. Maybe see a few old neighbors and friends . . .


I want to see Quantum of Solace very badly, but I can't seem to find the time. It's been over four months since I've seen a movie in a movie theater. You just can't go to a movie theater with an infant.

Oliver de la Paz