I Want to Use a Theremin During My Poetry Readings.

DeVotchKa "C'est Ce La" from Marshall J. Baumgartner on Vimeo.

The above video is of DeVotchKa performing their song "C'est Ce La," live at The Vogue in Indianapolis.

Dig the theremin. ;-)


Speaking of theremins, wouldn't it be an interesting poetry reading prop? I know a couple of poets have a shtick, maybe the theremin could be mine. I'd open each reading with the Original Star Trek Theme Song. I'd boldly take the audience where no man has gone before . . .


As you can see, I'm a bit loopy. I need a vacation and it's coming up. The family and I are heading over to Ontario, OR, as I've mentioned in previous posts. Ontario's my childhood home. It may be the last time I see the place for a long time since my parents are moving to Bellingham. They just bought a house in town. Let me tell you, Meredith and I are relieved. We love L., we just need help. Our house is way out in the country, so our working logistics are complicated. We've been handing off L. between classes. Meredith's classes end at 11:50AM and mine start right at 12PM. We literally hand the baby off in his stroller in the hallway. With my parents moving here, not only do we get free babysitting, but Meredith and I will also get time to actually spend time together. As I've mentioned before, I've not seen a movie in a movie theater since this summer and there are a number of films I want to watch.


My uncles and aunts will also be going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. It'll be very crowded. Growing up, we had no family in the states. For the most part, we were the only Filipino family for miles. My dad has successfully petitioned all his brothers and sisters over for citizenship and most of them live in Portland, OR. So not only will my parents be closer to us, but they'll be closer to my aunts and uncles on my father's side. That's a relief for me as an only child. My parents are getting older. It's visible, the way they move around now. They're still quite active, but they're slower and they're very concerned about our hilly Western Washington.

Ack, didn't mean to be glum. The bottom line is we'll have a crowded and happy banquet come Thursday.


L. just squawked at Gordon on Sesame Street. I squawk at Gordon too. Dude was around when I was watching Sesame Street and he aged very well.

Current spins: Calexico's "Carried to Dust," and The Rachel's "Songs for Egon Schiele." The Rachel's is good writing music. Very moody.

Current reads: I'm ashamed to say that I've been reading these books and nothing "literary."

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