Nothing Profound

Nope. Nothing profound to say. Just posting out of some weird feelings of obligation.


Okay, maybe I'm thinking about changing/updating the blog look. I'm a little bored of the all-black background and also the focus of the blog's changed a bit over the years. Originally I thought I'd be speaking eloquently about poetry and teaching, but after a long day of teaching the last thing I've wanted to talk about was poetry. Don't get me wrong, I still love talking about poetry . . . but I can only blog in very brief spurts, so I'm finding my discussions about poetry or anything that I sincerely care about beyond my family has been clipped.

Like, I'm having interesting conversations with my students about the prose poem, but . . . baby's crying. Ack. See?


I'm rambling. I know. That's ok, I suppose. Maybe I'm in a blogging rut.


HA! Word Verification: buster

Oliver de la Paz