Hi guys. Sorry it's been awhile. I seem to be apologizing for my blog absences quite frequently these days. It's not that I don't like you or anything, it's just that I've been busy in all aspects of my life.

I've been getting home fairly late and I've had lots of students come by during my office hours (primo blogging time), so I just haven't had time.

Anyway, enough moaning and groaning. How are you?


AWP was a blur. I spent a lot of time with Jon Pineda, talking about fatherhood, jobs, poetry. It was good to catch up with him. It's too bad his book wasn't out for the conference. He read some stuff from the new book at the A/P/A reading and the Kundiman panel. Phenomenal new work, and I'm looking forward to reading it cover to cover.

A lot of the conference was spent behind Table #220 at the bookfaire. That spot ended up becoming the meeting place for our extended Kundiman clan. Of course, I hung out with Sarah Gambito, Joseph Legaspi, Jennifer Chang, many Kundiman fellows and former faculty members, and friends of the organization. So it was a big conference for our burgeoning non-profit organization.

The joint panel with Cave Canem was wonderful. I'm still in awe of Toi and Cornelius. And it was great to partner up with Tim Seibles for moderator duties.

The solo Kundiman panel was also fabulous, and our fellows really shined.

Overall, though, it was good to be in good company. I always feel bad about not being able to spend time with anybody at the conference, but this time, I think I had some good long conversations with good friends.


Still, I didn't get to see New York. I mean, I've seen New York and I've wandered through New York on several occasions, but now that it's so far from me, I should've at least gotten in some culture. No plays. No museums. No shows.


I bought some books, but not as many as in the past. I was disciplined.


Photos soon.

Oliver de la Paz