Falling Behind and Catching Up

I feel like I'm falling way behind with things, which I've been told, is a normal feeling when one lives with a baby. I'm beginning to attribute this sense to a lack of sleep. I've always been a light sleeper, and now my weird sleeping habits are getting the best of me.

Even nights when it's not my job to be the diaper changer, I wake up suddenly at regimented times--1:30AM, 3:30AM, 5:30AM. And it's not even the baby's fault. I wake, check him, and he's sound asleep.

I figure it's my mind working overtime. I've got poems in my head, but I can't really catch a time to sit at my desk. All of this is okay, I figure. Summer'll be here and my scholastic obligations will taper off.


Last week's episode of BSG is on my DVR and has not been touched. I'll try to watch it tonight . . .

I've been engrossed in NBA playoff basketball. I so want the Suns to do well, but that's not been the case thus far.


Listening to the following artists lately:

Eef Barzeley
Lyrics Born
Okkervil River
M.F. Doom

Oliver de la Paz