Still Uploading

I'm still dumping CD's into my iTunes.

Right now, the song count is 18489. I'm surprised about a number of CD's that hadn't been previously uploaded--my Yaz albums, for instance. Yeah, I liked Yaz. That was back in my Depeche Mode days--speaking of which, it's interesting to listen to DM again and hear how poorly they've aged . . . at least to my ears.

I was surprised that I hadn't uploaded Weezer's first album, the blue one.

I had no idea that I had so many Tom Waits albums.

Gosh, and remember The Mightly Lemon Drops? The Wild Swans? The Trash Can Sinatras? The House of Love? Neither did I, but I apparently have their albums. Nirvana/Grunge blew up that scene completely.

So who survived the synth pop years? There are very few bands still going from that era, but the two major players from my record collection are U2 and R.E.M., probably because they were wise enough to keep reinventing themselves. Perhaps that also has to do with their skills.

What's also surprising to me is to see how the grunge movement truly died with Kurt Cobain. Pearl Jam's the only thing still going, though some might count STP as still active.

Makes me wonder what musical acts will survive this new internet age, now that music is disseminated in this "new" medium. Soulja Boy? MIA?


Remodeling project for this summer: my office. Right now there's some nasty wood panelling which I'm going to cover with drywall. I'm also going to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and paint the room a brighter color. Instead of bookcases, which I have now, I'm going to install a shelving rack system which will give me more space.

I'm vacillating between colors--white or a light sky blue.


Yes, I'll be writing this summer. I promise. I might do the poem a day thing that I did last August which was quite productive for me. Of the 31 poems written in that month, I think 3/4 of 'em got picked up in journals. That's really a good percentage. Goes to show you that not writing for 11 months can be useful.

(disclaimer: Students who read this blog, do not pay attention to the above paragraph. I am exaggerating.)


Baby L is gigantic. I've styled his hair into a mohawk. He's sleeping in his sling, completely unaware of his hair transformation. I think it looks cool. If I had hair, I'd style it into a mohawk too.

Oliver de la Paz