Partly Cloudy with a Slight Chance of Frustration

I'm uploading all of my CD's to iTunes. A task which has taken me several months to accomplish. Not only do I have a lot of CD's, I'm short on time. What's frustrating is that iTunes doesn't always upload the artwork to the albums, so I have to go online, grab the picture, and then drag it onto the file batch for the album. It's such a pain.

Thus far, I'm in the 16,000 range in song count and I've gone through 4 out of 7 crates.


End of the quarter is officially today. My students turn in their portfolios. Yay. And you students who are reading this, I know you're happy too.


We took the baby to a party this Saturday and what was surprising was that he didn't freak out at all. Lots and lots of my colleagues carried him and not once did he cry about it.

Of course, when he got home he freaked a little.


I've been listening to Shearwater quite a bit. Jonathan Meiburg sounds a little like Mark Hollis from Talk Talk.

Oliver de la Paz