Heading to Atlanta This Afternoon

Heading out across the U.S. once again. I'll be in Atlanta for the next five days and then from there, heading to South Carolina for Meredith's annual family reunion/beach trip.

While I'm in Atlanta, we'll catch up with the fabulous Stacey Lynn Brown.

I'm also hoping to get food at Mary Mac's.

L. is too young to enjoy the aquarium, though I want to see it. It'll just be tough carrying him around.

We'll also be heading over to Athens to catch up with some friends.

This year's trip should be quite busy!


I still haven't recovered from Kundiman. My sleep's a little off, so going back to EST might do the trick.


I hate it when Netflix movies start to pile up. It makes me feel like I'm not doing my job.


Poems soon. I've just been in motion.

Oliver de la Paz