A Happy Tale from Stacey

Congrats, Stace!.


Having my parents here has made quite a difference. I can actually enjoy my meals instead of wolfing them down. I can also get some writing, reading, and administrative work done.

They're actually here to not only visit their grandson, but to look for a retirement house, and I think they found one. Yay!


Books that came in the mail:

Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields
All-American Poem
Meteoric Flowers

Thanks for the book suggestions MB, PB, EM, & JC!


I've got 'bout 90 something pages of poetry that I've got to whittle down for a new something-or-other. As I've mentioned, I'm pretty sure I've got two books, one more finished than the other. I need to spread all my pages out on the floor and sort--figure out where the gaps are, and proceed from there.


Big debate/row involving translation in the Letters to the Editor section of Poetry Magazine. The links might not bring you to any text . . . suffice it to say that the fight's getting nasty.

Oliver de la Paz