School Daze

Yesterday I had to stop many times for school buses unloading its cargo. We up at Western Washington U. haven't started classes yet, but to be sure, that day is coming in the next couple of weeks.

I'm always excited about school starting. This year, though, I expect some major adjustments will be in order. Meredith heads back to the classroom and we've been trying to adjust our schedules to accommodate L's needs as well as our own as active people. She's got her classes lined up for the mornings up until 12:00PM. I start at 12:00PM and go until 4:00PM. So basically, I'll have to take L. to school and pass him like a relay baton right at my classroom door. It's far from ideal and I'd rather have at least an hour between my class and Meredith's class, but such are the breaks.

At any rate, something will have to give and already I'm cutting back.


Back to the poem-a-day thing in August. It was quite productive for me and already I had three poems from that "celebration" picked up. The Chattahoochee Review will be publishing three of my "Self Portrait" poems. Very cool. Anyway, I need to start sending more of the poems out. The plan is to have everything off my desk by the end of the month . . . before the quarter is in full swing.

I owe Didi Menedez some poems and I fully plan on honoring my word. Sorry Didi, life happened. So did teething.

Forgot to mention that the reading at SAM went really well, and it was great seeing Shin Yu. We both read new work, which felt really good. I was nervous as all heck.


I've been breaking my own writing taboos lately, which has been refreshing.


Two classes for the Fall: ENG 453--Advanced Poetry Writing (I always teach this as a poetic forms class), and ENG 460--Multigenre: The Short Prose Form (A way for me to teach prose poems, short-shorts, and lyric essays).


On spin in iTunes:

Blitzen Trapper
Silversun Pickups
Bon Iver
Ra Ra Riot
Okkervil River

Admittedly I've been buying music . . . even though I have no money. Don't read this, Meredith.

Oliver de la Paz