Fully Wired

All the technology at my parents' house makes me really envious. This past weekend while we were escaping the flood plains, the cable guy hooked up the house (I feel like we have two houses which is kind of nice--one in the city, one in the country). Oh, what a joy HDTV is. You can see blackheads on the news anchors.

And the internet connection we enjoy at their house is substantially faster than what we've had to work with in our country house (Hughes Satellite ISP--no cable or DSL available at our house).

So I've been looking forward to the excursions into town because of the connectivity.


Currently blogging with a kid sleeping on my chest.


So school has started, as I've mentioned in other posts. I'm again teaching my ENG 453 class which I always teach as a poetic forms course. I'm using Robin Skelton's book The Shapes of Our Singing and a very smart WWU student pointed out that she thought all of the poems in the book were written by Skelton. I think she's right. Eek.

For my Asian American Literature course, I'm teaching fairly "canonized" AsAm stuff--China Men, No No Boy, Native Speaker. But I'm also teaching my friend Joseph Legaspi's poetry collection, IMAGO, and I'm teaching a graphic novel, American Born Chinese. The course is framed around the idea of Asian American masculinity--its historical portrayals, etc.. I'm using lots of film too. We're starting with Wayne Wang's Chan is Missing. We'll also watch The Debut, American Sons, and Better Luck Tomorrow.

*I'm to lazy to link right now, plus the kid makes such multi-tasking difficult*


My writing has taken a back seat to preparing my pre-tenure file. I go up for tenure/promotion next year and this is the first screening round. I filled two five-inch-thick binders with materials. Fingers crossed.


I'm still trying to get a grasp on my new quarterly schedule. Today feels like I've adjusted a wee bit.


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