Off the Deep End

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Munchkin is surveying the waters.


The beginning of the Winter quarter has kicked my ass. I foolishly decided to revamp my Asian American literature course, putting in books I hadn't read and including a lot more PowerPoint and visual rhetoric which, of course, is super time-consuming. And of course there's the time I need to spend with the little guy pictured above. Soon, I'll get into a comfortable routine. Right now, though, I feel like I'm running around blindly.


I'm beginning to feel that all I ever do on my blog is complain.


And another thing about my parents' house . . . they have no storage space. They've got all these semi-read books with no space to put 'em. It always depresses me to go to their office because I feel the compulsion to organize the whole place.

I may secretly go to Henderson's Used Book Store and get rid of all of my parents' trashy true-crime paperbacks. They are SO into Ann Rule. What's with that? And how the hell did I become a poet if all my parents read are true crime potboilers?!


I have not played my XBOX 360 for five days and it has made me cranky.


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