I was tagged by Lee Herrick and Aimee Nezhukumatathil to write 25 Random Things About Myself on Facebook, but was having trouble posting it in my notes so here it goes:

1. I have been to a Whitesnake concert.
2. I own a ninja suit.
3. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.
4. I took piano lessons for five years but hardly ever practiced.
5. I used to play tennis everyday but now I haven't played tennis for four years.
6. I used to think "Richard Stands" was an actual person and not the mispronunciation of "For which it stands."
7. I have almost 170 days of music on my iPod.
8. My 4-Runner is almost at 100,000 miles.
9. I still miss my little pug Rosie on occasion.
10. I want a new laptop.
11. I think I'm really good at installing tile and plumbing.
12. My favorite game on the Xbox is currently Fallout 3, but I haven't played for awhile.
13. I wrestled in High School at the 135lb weight class.
14. I once applied for a job working at a corn mill.
15. When I was 10, I spent all my hard-earned summer orchard money on Star Wars figurines.
16. I once drove from LA to Ontario, Oregon in one day.
17. I get a little nauseous before I read in front of an audience.
18. I had a small comic book collection which I've since given away.
19. During little league, I crawled to home and scored the game-winning run.
20. I was an EMT for 2 1/2 years in LA County.
21. I have never given anything up for Lent.
22. It's horrible, but I love corn beef hash for breakfast (I, of course, don't eat it all the time).
23. I got into a couple of fights on the playground in Catholic school.
24. I have the first few lines of the Canterbury Tales memorized in Old English.
25. I helped conduct NASA research on lab rats. It was horrible.

Oliver de la Paz