As Promised . . .

. . . the first and last poem of the manuscript in progress.

They're going to live on the blog for half the day and then they'll "poof." One of the poems is being considered and one of the poems is forthcoming.

A lot of the poems are of the same tone and subject matter, hence my decision to title it after the first poem:



Once again, Blogger is killing my line breaks. They're both in couplets, FYI.

The first poem appears before the first section, sort of like the epigraph to the book.

Again, the order of the manuscript is tentative and I may just wind up blowing the whole thing up as I write more pieces, but for now this is what I'm settling on as the two framing poems for the beginning and the ending. The middle's the problem. It's got tonal holes.


Snow again. Light confectioner's sugar dusting, but still annoying and still cold.


My students in my large 70-person lecture class aren't reading. They stare and they glare and they fall asleep. Drastic measures may need to be taken.


Current Spin:

The Tallest Man on Earth. "It Will Follow the Rain."

Oliver de la Paz