Heading Down South

I'll be heading down to Los Angeles for a reading at Loyola Marymount University, my undergraduate alma mater. The reading will take place at the Marymount Institute at 7:30PM on Thursday, October 22nd.

This is going to be weird . . . I haven't been back to LA since 1995. The place has changed. My school has changed. I know there's a whole new section of campus that wasn't there when I attended in the early 90's.

What's more, for most of my time at LMU, I was a Biology major and many of my old biology professors have retired.

Still, I suppose this trip back down to Los Angeles will be like a social anthropology experiment.


I decided to rent a car because I have pretty much the whole day to myself on Thursday. I think I'll go revisit my old haunts . . . maybe take a drive down to Santa Monica. Who knows. Maybe I'll write a new poem.


I'm having lunch here on Thursday: Aunt Kizzy's.


Other things that I may do--there's an old record store along Sepulveda that I used to frequent. I want to see if it's still there. I also want to get some KXLU swag.


Current Spin:

Headbanging Flamenco.

Oliver de la Paz