More Weird Dreams

Na estrada, originally uploaded by Felipe Schlickmann.

I was driving in what was clearly Washington's fifth congressional district--relatively flat, arid land with few markers to cue me in.

After about three hours of aimless driving, I realized that I was traveling in the wrong direction. Rather than head back in the correct direction, I instead looked for a roadside motel.

From the motel, I remember seeing dust clouds from a car on the road, and I remember calling my family telling them that I would be late.

Then I woke up.



Week 8 of the academic quarter. Rainy. People with colds. Children with colds. Me with a cold.


Poem? Boy, I've got ideas for poems . . . lots and lots of ideas.


Current spin:

For some reason, Lykki Li was in my brain this morning.

Oliver de la Paz