Here in Atlanta

. . . well, I'm technically not in Atlanta, but rather a suburb of sorts. So, if you're in Atlanta and want to hang out, give me a shout!

We'll be in the Atlanta area until the 27th (with a short trip to South Carolina in between).

Among the possible adventures planned:

1) The Aquarium
2) The Zoo
3) A good chicken & waffles joint


I've been busily catching up with my correspondence despite a steady trickle of reference letter writing.

The numbers were slightly different this year--I had fewer students asking for letters, but the few that I did have are applying to more schools.

The average number of schools applied to was eight. I think students are realizing how competitive the application game has become. I'm also having more students applying after a year or two off.


It's raining here. A little bit o' the Northwest here down South.


Kid's finally down for a nap. Whew.


Current Spin:

We Were Promised Jetpacks. On my top 20 of 2009--I think I'm titling the list "Albums that Aren't Getting Their Proper Cred"

When I started thinking of my top 20 albums, I saw that I was duplicating a lot of other lists, so I figured, I'd change up my list. It'll be up before the new year.

Oliver de la Paz