The End of the Quarter Extravaganza

I am blogging right now because I am a procrastinator.


I've got roughly 40 portfolios in my back pack. I haven't even pulled them out of my bag since arriving at my office this morning.

As I mentioned in a Tweet, for some reason I decided to pack all the portfolios and take them home. I guess I thought I'd grade them, but I wound up helping Meredith take care of a kid with a cold, and then after they went to bed, I wound up playing video games until I got sleepy. My brain's mush.


I haven't come up with my list of top 20 albums from the 2009 year yet 'cause I haven't had time to sit down and think about such things. Maybe when I get out from under portfolios. Maybe I should stop blogging and just grade the damn things.


I'll be reading for the It's About Time reading series tomorrow evening, 6:00 - 7:45PM with Martha Silano, Lyn Coffin, and Matt Briggs. The location is listed in the link. Come out and see us!


Current Spin:

Lightning Dust. I'm adding their album, "Infinite Light" to my list of 20 albums.

Oliver de la Paz