AWP Photo Scavenger Hunt

To Play:

1. You need a digital camera
2. A blog
3. No shame


Find and take a photo of the following:

1. Very old but famous poet dirty dancing with younger poet.

2. An unsolicited manuscript proposal at a press booth.

3. Grad students wandering the bookfair aimlessly with more free journals than they know what to do with.

4. Badge switching.

5. A poet playing a fiddle in the middle of the bookfair.

6. Unattended book signing event (come find me on Thursday)

7. A poet wandering the bookfair eating a Chicago-Style hot dog.

8. Graduate student with an unnatural hair tint.

9. A poetry reading panel where one of the panelists goes over his/her allotted time by 10 minutes.

10. The best free swag item.

11. A writer subscribing to a literary journal.

12. Writers working out in the hotel gym.

13. A writer wearing a bolo tie.

I'll think of more, but that's a lot of snapshots so far. I've got my digital camera . . .

Oliver de la Paz