Messing with Code

Yes, I've been messing with code in an attempt to re-post some oldies on this new Blogger template and I've been messing up. Ah well. I suppose I should be more "stream-lined" in this new era of political change.


My students don't follow directions.

I, of course, am being very general. There are some who follow directions very well, but a large number of them do not.


My parents, thank goodness, are coming this Friday. They'll be staying in town to help Meredith out with the little guy while I'm away at AWP. I can't wait until they're here full time. But I understand the delay. Mom's giving up a professional medical practice she's held since 1977. There are lots of things that need to be settled.


Not a current spin, but I saw this video on CurrentTV and I just had to share:

The Arcade Fire. "Neon Bible" in an elevator.

Current spin: DJ Babu with a "sick juggle." I watched Scratch on Friday and I've been revisiting the turntablists of my youth.

Oliver de la Paz