Pre-AWP To Do List

Firstly, I have to get Manuscript #3 ready to go. I've got 68 pages. Lots of contests seem to prefer page sizes between 48-65. It could certainly use some whittling down, but I think those are interesting size parameters. 48 Just seems so short to me.

My own personal goal is to have it sent out by Tuesday--Sending out to this. What the heck, eh?


Secondly, I need to get my classes in order. Mind you, I'm not saying that my teaching's a secondary thing . . .

I've got to prep the notes for my substitute and post a few things on Blackboard. Not a whole lot to be done here, but enough to keep me occupied.


Thirdly, I need to pack. I need to find out what the weather's going to be like and I need to prepare. Also, I need to print out all my hotel junk, ticket stuff, etc..

And should I bring copies of my books since SIU Press'll be there?

I suppose a handful of copies is a good thing for trades. . .


My laptop is heavy. :-( I want a new one. I'm currently using an 17" Apple G4 Powerbook. It's 1st gen . . . one of the first ones at that size. It's seen better days. I could, of course, buy more physical RAM, but why? I don't plan on using it for much longer. I've been restraining myself from buying one of these: Clicky. So cute.


Current Spin:

Beirut. "Nantes."

Oliver de la Paz